UVic Undergraduate Math & Stats Conference

On September 14-18, 2016, the University of Victoria hosted the inaugural UVic Undergraduate Math and Stats Conference. 

The first UVic Undergraduate Math and Stats Conference was very successful! The goal of providing an informal environment for students to hear about research being done by fellow undergrads, as well as an opportunity for students to talk about their work, and this goal was absolutely met. The subjects of the talks were very diverse, ranging from mathematical biology to model theory in mathematical logic, from graph theory to C*-algebras and category theory. Attendees enjoyed coffee and tea from Level Ground Coffee as well as some light snacks. The conference ended with a pizza party where all participants had the opportunity to talk with the speakers, as well as some grad students from UVic. This conference started a lot of really great conversations about math, and helped make a lot of good connections between students.

Next up: CUMC!