SUMM 2018

The 9th edition of the Seminars in Undergraduate Mathematics in Montreal saw continued interest from the mathematical student community. During this weekend with a memorable snow storm, more than 150 participants shared interests, exchanged, discussed, and created new friendships.

In addition to the large number of various branches of mathematics present, SUMM saw the participation of peers in computer science, physics and other connected related subjects. For the first time ever, the diverse range of participants included international attendees, notably from New York, Utah, Boston and Oxford, in addition to the Quebecois and Canadian students, contributing to the lively and intellectual dynamics.
Concordia university hosted SUMM for the Friday quiz night with wine and cheeze and the two days of conferences. Thirty-eight students shared their knowledge with their peers. Roughly half of the talks were given in English, and a quarter were on topics related to mathematics such as physics and computer science. This year, professors Rustum Choksi of McGill, Galia Dafni of Concordia, René Ferland of UQAM and Véronique Hussin of the University of Montreal shared their mathematical interests as plenary speakers. SUMM was supported by the various Montreal universities’ departments of mathematics and statistics, the ISM, Studc, and a number of other mathematics and statistics student associations throughout the metropolitan area. On behalf of the SUMM 2018 organizing team, I’d like to thank you for your support and invite you to encourage your students to participate in SUMM 2019 at the University of Montreal for the 10th edition!