Call for bids to host PIMS YRC 2015

Are you a graduate student in one of PIMS universities interested in organizing a conference? Young Researchers Conference (YRC) is looking for a host for the 2015 edition of the annual event. The YRC is organized and run by graduate students only, so this is an unique opportunity to organize the conference while pursuing your graduate degree. The conference has been recently held in Vancouver and Calgary and it is desirable to hold it at different locations each year, giving graduate students a chance to travel to different PIMS universities and meet different students and professors.

Why is organizing the conference beneficial for you? Because organizing the conference is very valuable experience that will be useful for the career, that also improves your communication, organization, and team-working skills. In addition, you can add it to your CV! Moreover, organizing the PIMS YRC is a very rewarding experience and it forges links among PIMS universities and their student branches.

Previous organizers are happy to share all the materials, including funding applications, and answer all your questions. Please contact them at


Photo by Bruce Irschick (Flickr)