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The Margin is a semi-annual bilingual publication intended for a wide mathematical audience. It feature a variety of content, including opinion pieces, math-related stories, concise research articles, as well as puzzles and riddles — all of which are meant to be accessible to all those in the mathematical community starting from the senior undergraduate level. It is delivered electronically to virtually all Canadian undergraduate and graduate math students. You can download pdf version of any issues by clicking on a Margin cover below or you can read the issues in your browser on the CMS Studc Issuu page. In addition, the physical copies of the Margin are sent to math departments at universities across the country. Don’t see the Margin in your department? Let us know! Contact the Margin Editor-in-Chief, Asmita Sodhi.

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The Margin strives to publish mathematical content of interest to students, including, but not limited to, concise research articles, profiles, opinion pieces, editorials, letters, puzzles, riddles and announcements. We invite submissions in both English and French. The submission guidelines provide technical and stylistic guidelines for your submissions. For further information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Asmita Sodhi.


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