Math Salon

Talks by super-students and their supervisors

Math Salon is a monthly Zoom lecture on a research topic in any area of mathematics. From the comfort of your own home, attend a double serving of current mathematics developments. There will be a 30-minute talk from a student followed by a 30-minute talk from their supervisor. The talks are free to attend but require registration. Times will vary.

Previous talks

July: Jeremy Schlitt and Chantal David (Concordia University)

Wednesday, July 21 (10am PDT, 1pm EDT)

“Lemke Oliver and Soundararajan Bias for Consecutive Sums of Two Squares”

Link to recording

May: Raja Milad and Keith Taylor (Dalhousie University)

Monday, May 10 (10am PDT, 1pm EDT)

“Affine Groups and Continuous Wavelet Transforms”

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April: Pierre-Olivier Parisé and Thomas Ransford (Université Laval)

Wednesday, April 14 (1pm PDT, 4pm EDT)

“A tour of summability methods in function spaces”

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March: Amanda Chafee and Brett Stevens (Carleton University)

Tuesday March 16 (12pm PST, 3pm EST)

Amanda Chafee, “Constructions of Single and Double Change Covering Designs”
Brett Stevens, “Applications of single change covering designs”

Link to recording

For any further info, please contact StudC.